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Hi Suzanne,

Just wanted to share something.

Remember in the last session we talked about ulcerative colitis?

From the last colonoscopy a year ago it came out I have a chronic ulcerative colitis in the rectum canal. I was scheduled to do another one in November but I had the feeling that my colon is fine and perhaps since the inflammation is situated in the rectum we could just do a rectoscopy (it's a much simpler procedure and doesn't require full anaesthesia). I could almost sense my doctor rolling up her eyes but she agreed. Well, I just came back from the hospital and the news is that there was no inflammation in my rectum. The doctor was totally surprised and said that if she didn't know I have a colitis she could hardly tell from the examination today. Only some mild scaring but nothing else. She took some biopsy to check more microscopically (results next week) but for sure she said I don't need to do a full Colonoscopy this year. Yay!

Whenever she told me that I have a chronic condition and will have it for the rest of my life I always felt a bit suspicious 😉. I believe changes are possible and always felt to leave the door open for full healing. Although I'm also on an anti inflammatory diet, I know deep inside it has to do with my subconscious and (PSYCH-K).

Btw my skin is totally clear at the moment too 😀💪😍. Big hug and have a great weekend 🌟💫

First of all, I just need to say what an inspiration Suzanne is. I would pay just to be in her presence for an hour. Before we even began our first session, I could feel an energy just sitting there while she was explaining some things, that I can only describe as cathartic or healing. She provides the safest environment and encourages being authentic and honoring yourself with no judgement. She is very professional and exudes love and confidence. Her example of wholeness and self honoring is something to aspire toward. I felt amazing walking out of our first session and was able to be present and feel self-possessed and in the moment for the first time in I can't remember how long.

I would recommend PSYCH-K over "talk" therapy to anyone who is struggling with negative beliefs developed from abuse or trauma."

Thank you for being you and hope you have a great day!

Geneva Switzerland

I wanted to thank you for the session we had in Geneva last August. It was an energizing and inspiring moment.

I have to admit that it encouraged me to change a lot of things in my life.
The week I met you I also decided to adjust my vegetarian diet (by suppressing Gluten, Dairy products and Soy). I don't know if it's the diet or the session (or both) but I have to say that I've never felt so good physically and mentally.

I feel full of energy; I'm still surprised when I see all the things that I am able to accomplish in one day.

The other funny thing is that since September, a lot of people have noticed these changes. I don't really know how to explain that but I just feel extremely positive all the time.

I feel like the thoughts and energy that were slowing me down are not here anymore. Suppressing the food that my organism wasn't processing also helped me tremendously (my headaches and skin problems have entirely disappeared). I used to be really stressed all the time. I feel so much more relaxed now. 

I just wanted to let you know that I'm feeling amazing.

Again, thank you for everything! This session with you was such an invigorating experience.

Nora (Geneva Switzerland)

I have been trying to work on my limiting beliefs for the past 4 years, searching for a breakthrough in my work, relationships and finding my life's purpose. The methods I was using felt like it would take forever and my journey was very slow. When I discovered Psych-K through a friend I was blown over! This is EXACTLY what I needed because I knew that this was a fast track to changing my subconscious beliefs. When I came to having my session with Suzanne, I immediatley felt at ease with her. She has an energy about her that makes me feel relaxed, open and understood. After my first amazing session with Suzanne, subtle but wonderful things happened. I was able to get 2 paid clients with ease (it just felt natural), ask my manager for a reduction in hours and I felt less fear networking with other people. I was so excited and so I went for session 2 which was equally mind blowing. I was amazed at how emotional I became in both the sessions and it felt like a feeling of I was able to let go of something that was holding me down. It almost felt like a heavy weight was lifted from my shoulders and I felt lighter. 

This was the best investment I made for myself and I am truly blessed to meet someone like Suzanne! Not only is Psych K an amazing tool but being guided by someone with the intuition and positive energy like Suzanne makes it a powerful lasting experience. Thank you so much!

Meenal Savanni - London 

Hi Suzanne, It is definitely working! I'm experiencing all sorts of happiness and joy just coming out from inside..sometimes I just let it out and so I laugh a bit silly and loud but I don't 

and there are moments I feel like crying but im not sad...this feeling is really difficult to describe because I'm feeling happy and joy at the same time wanting to cry out with tears..maybe it's tears of letting go?? It sometimes is more profound when I'm doing yoga or meditating. In fact as I'm writing to you now I just came out of a meditation session and at the beginning I had tears but I wasn't sad..and felt relieved after the tears..but all in all I feel just so grateful and loving.

In terms of the actions, I've been consolidating that by doing loads of stuff and also going out meeting people etc. I feel I have more to give away to people than what I want for myself..and this change from within had made a huge difference while interacting with others! I can feel it myself too..I think they enjoy being next to me.

Mushu C - Cambridgeshire

Releasing Childhood Trauma

PSYCH-K works! I spent years in psychotherapy with no result, Suzanne helped me to overcome my traumatic childhood in 2 sessions. Thanks to Suzanne I let go of the past, I now feel an incredible inner peace. I'm full of joy, love and compassion. I've never felt so good in 40 years. Suzanne is an incredibly gifted therapist, her intuition is mind blowing. I feel blessed to have met her!


Skype National

I am 35 years old, I have been on a journey searching for answers and trying to fix many internal issues for many years; family, relationships, work, diet, finances etc. However I always struggled with this process and I felt that every step forward would take an eternity and like I could never get to where I wanted to be in life. I felt stuck and that I had tried everything possible, including therapy, meditation, visualisation you name it, I tried it! until a couple of moths ago I came across Psych-K and I haven’t looked back, ever since my first session with Suzanne.

I found the missing piece of the puzzle, I could see the results within a couple of days and bizarrely enough I didn’t need to do anything, sometimes I find myself doing the things I always wanted to do and I’m able to do them so effortlessly now.

Finally I understand that no matter what you do, no matter what you think you believe in, no matter what plan you follow, if your subconscious mind doesn’t believe it… you are not going to either! I highly recommend Suzanne as a therapist, she is absolutely great, the Skype sessions worked amazingly well for me, so much so that I am now on a journey to learn Psych-K to help other people as I believe many wasted lives and struggles can definitely be erased or at least minimised from our lives with this simple and amazing tool that is Psych-K.

Regards Eduardo (London)

Skype International

I discovered PSYCH-K through a book I read and was very intrigued. I searched for facilitators and although I don't live in the UK I felt very drawn to working with Suzanne. I have regular sessions via Skype and I must say that working with Suzanne has deeply helped me to connect with my inner clarity and as a consequence find the strength to make changes in my life. PSYCH-K is like the missing link I have been always looking for and Suzanne is an incredibly talented facilitator. I'm pleased that my instinct about her was right. She embodies all the qualities that for me are important in a facilitator; she is competent, clear, intuitive and fun. I feel always heard and supported by her. Since working with Suzanne and PSYCH-K I feel much happier and stronger. I highly recommend working with her! "

Sophia (Vienna)

PSYCH-K with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

I really enjoyed meeting you and PSYCH-K was indeed very interesting. I thought you might like to hear about how things are going since I saw you:

1) I am certainly more able to focus on tasks at hand and have even been able to redirect my train of thought if I start to go down the road of ' I don't have the energy for this'. It is quite subtle but profound for someone who hasn't been able to complete tasks at hand for so long now I had forgotten what it feels like!

I make a task list every evening and find I am able to work my way through systematically - far more easily than before. Yay!

2)  I am able to see tasks at hand far more clearly - from beginning to end. And can see my way through challenges - at times instinctively - which is interesting and very liberating.

For eg. On the Wednesday morning, I was late arriving at the airport and the queues at the security gates were huge meaning I was definitely going to miss my flight if I had to wait. Instead of the usual panic and freeze I would normally experience, I calmly asked for help from one of the staff and was directed towards a 'Fast Track' gate which got me through the security check in no time. Now, I am not sure I would've had the confidence or the presence of mind to do that before. I would've become totally panicked and upset and probably made the wrong choices.

3) I have found I am able to be more articulate about my wants and needs - especially regarding boundaries and personal space and am able to voice it in a way that isn't upsetting to people. More openly communicative and calm. Most of the time this has been accepted really well - although for some it is new and will take some time for them to adjust.

4) I am feeling more 'in my body' if you know what I mean. I feel more connected in a sense and grounded. Lovely. 

I also want to thank you very much for the exert you sent me from the book 'Medical Medium'.

Together with Psych-K it has been ground breaking in my approach to recovery from ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Psych-K has given me the rationale, confidence and inner strength and the advice on supplements and diet from the book together have made for a powerful healing mechanism. Please recommend it to your clients, it will change their lives.

These are all incredibly positive outcomes for me. I am grateful, thank you xx

Clare (Portugal)

Thank you for truly being present and for showing me what unconditional acceptance was really about. Before I started therapy with you, the concept of a true therapeutic alliance seemed merely theoretical. Our therapeutic relationship has been nothing short of transcendental and I feel truly blessed and enriched by it.

Thank you for holding me and for being witness to my pain, my deepest fears, my laughter and my joy. Ours is a true spiritual union and I will cherish it always. To have someone sit with me in my darkness , to witness my light mirrored in the eyes and soul of another is truly precious.

Thank you for the gift of you. May you continue to touch every soul that comes into contact with your beautiful light and spirit, which in turn helps to see and reignite the incandescent light within themselves.

Love & Light Gxxx (Leicester)

"I was VEEEEERY sceptical the first time I went to see Suzanne to have my first Psych-K session but something inside me was inviting me to go. Since then I’m calmer than ever, and my sense of “what am I going to do with my life?” has faded away. I’m also experiencing and enjoying many more synchronicities and my trust that everything is going to work out well has increased.   

I still have my reservations about Psych-K but I keep going back to Suzanne for more, it might be a learning process.

And about Suzanne, just to say I love her energy and I feel recharged every time I see her. It took me a while to decide to have a session since Psych – K found me but as soon as I found Suzanne online and I saw her picture, I knew she would be the one I would trust. I have the strange feeling I’ve known her for long and I have to refrain from hugging her every time I say goodbye, it might be a Spanish thing though J - Thanks Suzanne!"

Maria Aviles- (Cambridge)

Distance Session

I'm a PSYCH-K Facilitator, so am fully aware of the priceless benefits this method offers. With that said, I know the therapist's place if of crucial importance. That's exactly the reason I turned to Suzanne for help with a few issues I had which I knew I have to take a step back from and let someone else work with me in my process. 

I'm so happy I've turned to Suzanne. With an uncompromising devotion, sharp intuition, unconditional love and big heart, i experienced an immediate change for the best through Suzanne surrogating with me. I felt safe and protected and I knew I'd get the best results. The combination of PSYCH-K together with Suzanne's facilitation was more than I could ever ask for.

Orli. N (Ireland)

'Few are those who see with their own eyes and feel with their own hearts.' (Albert Einstein)

I feel like I've just endured a catastrophic storm. However I have come out of it surfing. 

Well...sometimes I feel more like I'm clinging onto a bit of drift wood trying not to drown and this makes me very scared, because I know the waves are going to keep coming and I'm unsure if I'm strong enough to get back on the board to ride the next wave... But that's ok. Now I've been through the storm and come out the other side...each time I see a white butterfly, a robin or just something clicks and brightens my day, I not only instantly think of my mum, I think of you too. 

Thank you for enlightening me. Empowering me. Listening to me waffle & giving me the tools to see the world in colour!  So much love and respect for what you do as a professional and individual & so intrigued for each session now.

Much love. 

P.s- I can't believe the key to opening up this new world, was actually as simple as 'feck it' 

KB - Cambridgeshire

Thank you so much for all of your help and support. For helping me and guiding me through one of the most difficult times of my life, and out to the other side! i wanted to let you know how truly appreciative i am . Thank you. 

SC - Cambridgeshire



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