Action is a high road to self-confidence and esteem. Where it is open, all energies flow towards it. It comes ready to most people, and its rewards are tangible!

~ Bruce Lee ~



What type of session can I have?

Face to Face

Face to face sessions available in Peterborough UK. When using the online booking system in Services, you will be presented with a short pre-session form for your completion. (Optional except for Distance sessions)

Skype National/International

Skype sessions are conducted by the use of Surrogation. This is done creating a 'Link up' with energy field using a specific protocol which will allow me to do the muscle testing on your behalf. You will do the actual PSYCH-K balance(s) change process yourself with my guidance.


Assuming we are all One Mind, PSYCH-K can also be done at a distance, whereby you are not required to be present. Again, this is done creating a' link up' with your energy field, using a process called surrogation, where I will become a ‘ surrogate’ for you using a very specific protocol that ensures it is in the best and highest interest for both of us to work this way. After a distant session, I will email or post ‘results’ to you. You are welcome to a Complementary Follow up call at any timeif feels right for you.

Distant sessions are useful if it is hard for you to make time for a session, physically immobile or have travel restrictions. Clients who have had distant sessions via surrogation have had great results.

Session length

1hr |1.5hrs | 3-4hrs sessions available

Depending on the topic we may be able to work on one or more situations during session depending the length of time you choose. To maximise our session time more effectively please feel free to learn more about PSYCH-K or book a complementary call to have any questions answered before committing.

Towards the end of the session, I will also help you to create a practical action plan that will help you embody the changes and strengthen the experiences of your desired direction!

Frequency of sessions

The number of sessions depends from person to person. Changes are noticeable during or immediately after session, while for others the process continues automatically during the following hours, days and weeks. Some problems can be resolved in a single session, while others may require 2-3 further sessions depending on your goals and health situation. For continued flow a one off longer session might be better and be of greater benefit to you. Trust your intuition to know what is best for you.

Notice the effects of the work done in the coming days/weeks, then you can decide if you need another session. The changes do not usually affect only the areas you worked on, but also aspects related to them. You'll be pleasantly surprised by the results!




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