When you trust in yourself, you are trusting in the wisdom that created you ~ Dr.Wayne Dyer ~

Suzanne D'offay De Rieux MBACP Accredited and Registered Counsellor/Psychotherpist UK [026205]

Specialising in Integrative Counselling/Psychotherapy PSYCH-K® Health & Wellbeing Facilitation | PER-K® Essential for Success Business Catalyst

Private Practices UK, Geneva CHF, & Como Italy 

Experience Entrepreneurs, Employment Assistant Programs, Charity, Hospice, Public and Prison sector.

My personal and professional life experiences has intuitively taught me that the source of nearly all of human sufferings, are directly connected to the disconnection from our spirituality - the unconditioned you!


My collision with PSYCH-K®!

On 24th December 2012, I experienced a spiritual awakening that transformed my life instantaneously. I stood frozen by the hospital bed whilst witnessing my partner dying from lung infection that arose a week following chemotherapy. It all happened so quickly, then my mind just shut down into pure silence. I felt my heart opened up and my whole being/body transmuted this energy that I can only describe as being touched by the vibration of grace — blissful peace and unconditional love. That moment felt like eternity and my mind just opened up into clear awareness as to why my partner had arrived at his physical death so prematurely. 

He had suffered Depression most of his adult life, and to his will coped by self medicating (Addictions), Emotional Repression (Depression) and Avoidance. I believe a life time of harbouring toxic emotional unresolved pain such as guilt, anger and shame, hopeless critical beliefs about himself and extreme stress are what caused his death, due to energy/chemical imbalances in the brain and body - The science of Neurobiology (Epigenetic), The Placebo Effect and Psychoneuroimmunology demonstrate strong evidence to support my perspective and understanding.


Epigenetics research challenges the conventional beliefs about genes and reveals the role of emotion on our bodies and health. In this 1 minute video, author and cellular biologist Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D. explores the importance of perception in maintaining optimal health.


Following months after my partner's death my grief turned into an obsession and I felt possessed in search for personal meaning and research into the mind/body connection and its implication on health. I found myself in New York City attending a Hay-House Event with some of the world's most advanced, Inspirational, scientific and spiritual minds on the planet. I intending to see Dr. Wayne Dyer and Dr. Caroline Myss, as her book 'Anatomy Of The Spirit' on 'The Human Energy System', had captured my attention. A huge bonus in the form of Dr. Bruce Lipton (Cell Biologist) showed up!

Listening to Bruce's Epigenetics and the findings in his latest book ' The Honeymoon Effect: The Science of Creating Heaven on Earth'- caused vibrational ripples among the audience. Every single cell in my body felt alive! I experienced an immediate Conscious/Subconscious shift and became very aware that I was exactly where I needed to be at that moment. Every word resonated, and made perfect sense to me - My questions answered! I had a copy of his book 'Biology of belief' and hadn't got around to reading - Of course it was the first book I read upon my return! 

There I came across PSYCH-K - its principles and function in modifying disempowering beliefs that contribute to illness and Dis-cease - empowering us to greater Health & Wellbeing.

I was intrigued and so began the training soon after with the focus of offering a better service to myself and others. So much so, that I am now committed and devoted to working only with PSYCH-K as an extension to Psychotherapy. (See PSYCH-K Research in this field), as I have seen and experienced immense benefits and big changes in my own life, as well as with the individuals and couples I work with.


My partner's death taught me, that death is not the actual tragedy of life, but to have lived and let die what's inside of us. To live in fear (Conditioning Reality) and too afraid to express love in all its forms (Authentic Reality) 'IS' the real tragedy of life. I believe this journey lead me to PSYCH-K and a call to service in the Evolution of Health & Wellbeing of a very vulnerable and fractured humanity. 

My philosophy is rooted in the Principles of Nature and of my own self transformation - The place where I help you to realise your truth (what feels right for you and what you really want for your life) and empower you to create it and live it!

It gives me great joy witnessing people reconnecting with their personal power, and support them through the PSYCH-K processes, so they may create the thriving life and health they were meant to have and experience.


In this amazing video universal scientist Gregg Braden takes us on a journey to understanding:

  • 4.24 The science behind changing a thought pattern
  • 10:14 Why affirmations don't work.
  • 12:30 Empty affirmation
  • 20:12 Feeling is a language, how to manifest    correctly, feeling is the prayer
  • 21:51 Force that holds universe together
  • 25:13 We've come full circle
  • 27:21 We are more than our mistakes, we are more than our limits

PSYCH-K is simply a quicker way to get us there!



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