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Restoring Peace, Harmony & Balance

What ever is aligned with your highest feelings- if you can imagine it, think it & feel it, then you can create it & live it! 

PSYCH-K® is a vehicle for change. It doesn't decide where you should go, it just gets you there. In other words PSYCH-K® doesn't choose what you should believe, it helps you believe what you choose. Yes its as simple as that!




PSYCH-K® is popularly known as a Spiritual process with Psychological, Emotional and Physical benefits; that activates communication between the subconscious, Conscious and Superconscious minds encouraging a whole brained state - using Muscle Testing, Belief Affirming, Energy focusing on Acupressure Points, and Whole Brain Movement Technology. In numerology the letters PSYCH-K translate to mean — 'The calling of Ancient Wisdom'. In current Western traditional sense, it can be compared to a more advanced and specialised CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy).

Our brains are wired for beliefs and expectancies. When activated, the body can respond as it would if the belief were a reality, producing…health or illness. - Herbert Benson, M.D Timeless Healing


Our Biography becomes our Biology!

The concept that we create our own reality with our thoughts can sound merely mythical. Did you know that 60-70,000 thoughts pass through your mind everyday? 95-99% of the same thoughts you will have the next day - Same thoughts will lead to same choices, same behaviours, which will create the same experiences, same experiences will produce the same emotions, same emotions drives the same thoughts, biology, neurochemistry, neuro-circuitry and hormones, and so the cycles goes on and on.... So whats the point? How you think, feel, act is called your personality - Your personality then becomes your personal reality all driven by your belief system - that is self supporting or self sabotaging, immune enhancing or immune suppressing! 

Indeed change can feel uncomfortable as it requires unlearning and relearning new self programs so to speak, shedding old beliefs and habits and creating new ones that will work and support you instead. This is where PSYCH-K can help you. Its processes are designed to activate a whole brained state that allows you to remarkably and quickly change subconscious beliefs that keeps you stuck in the never ending patterns of your life. 

Have you ever noticed how you know what not to do... yet you keep doing that thing?... or you read self help books that makes you feel so so inspired and excited to take action... to find yourself slowly slipping and sliding back to old habits?

Well...that's what Conscious and Subconscious conflict looks like. Consciously you know what not to do and you feel inspired as the material you read in books corresponds with your conscious goals and desires...unfortunately its the subconscious mind that runs the show of our lives 95-99% of the time without us always being aware of it. It is the powerhouse part of the mind that holds all past experiences from birth onward, along with beliefs and perceptions about self, others, the environment, values, habits, behaviour, personality etc.

The Art is to create open communication between all parts of the mind so what you consciously desire and want to achieve corresponds with your subconscious belief system, so you do not feel like you have one foot on the accelerator and one foot on the breaks.

PSYCH-K works towards achieving exactly that, through the process of RIGHT/LEFT brain integration, that enables you to break the cycles/conflicts of self limiting and self sabotaging life patterns.The process enables you to perceive from a 'Whole Brained' state when balancing for enhancing beliefs towards connecting you to what you really want for yourself, and empowers you to make choices and decisions that benefits your highest and greatest good and that of those you care about.

Neuroscience experiments and research confirms that PSYCH-K is ideal for changing limiting & self sabotaging beliefs and perceptions at the subconscious level of the mind, that affect change at the mental, emotional and cellular level of the body.


If you keep doing what you have always done, you will keep getting what you have always got! 

'Whole Brained' - Gateway to Expanded AWARENESS!



Wellness, thriving and health is about learning to align our Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual self with the - What is happening RIGHT NOW!... as we tend to see things as we are with reference to our past, and not as they actually are!

When we focus our energy thinking about unresolved loses of the past with unfinished business, or fixation on a fearful future - depression, anger, resentment, grief, sadness, fear, worry, anxiety and panic attack kicks in, and so do the firing off of unhealthy neurotransmitters. The experience of these realities can only cause high stress and low energy. Over prolonged time this weakens our immune system making us more prone to infection, sickness, illness and dis-ease. Focusing our energy thinking on the opposite can only bring to restore Peace, Harmony & Balance into our subjective, object, symbolic and holistic realities.

Almost every illness, sickness or Disease has a Psychological and Emotional component. Science confirms only 1% is down to genetic hereditary -  Dr. Bruce Lipton

Working to activate and integrate the awareness and wisdom of the Conscious mind into our practical lives, is the way to health and being fully present in the NOW moments of lives and living our JOY. Success and happiness then cannot help but follow! 

Overall, the key to sustainable Personal, Social & Global change lies in learning to activate communication between all 3 levels of the mind- enabling us to make super effective choices and decisions to experience our full potentials and expressions in life. 



"Beliefs can be a major source of illness and a major force in treatment" 

Herbert Benson M.D - Timeless Healing


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