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Restoring Peace, Harmony & Balance

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Please take the time to navigate and connect with this phenomenal body of work called PSYCH-K®, what its all about and how it can help you. I am here to facilitate your own intuitive wisdom towards restoring peace, harmony and balance into areas of your life you feel needs it.

I work with people from all walks of life who continue to educate me on the highs and lows and idiosyncrasies of the human experience. In my many years of service I have facilitated over 8000 counselling and psychotherapy sessions and work with an array of human conditions to name some - Depression, Anxiety, Trauma, Auto Immune Conditions, Unhappiness, Scarcity mindset, Trauma, Stress, Relationship disconnection, Addiction, Separation, Divorce, Bereavement, Change, Resistance, Loneliness, Entrepreneurial ground hog days, Work depression etc

"In the ocean of infinite possibilities I work with others to achieve extraordinary things"

In my personal and professional experiences I have come to know the difference between what constitute a thriving happy human being and what destroys one. I live by these codes and realisations and my mission is to empower you to do the same. I offer transformational Individual & Couple counselling, PSYCH-K® Advanced Health & Wellbeing being and PER-K® Business Essential for Success sessions for those looking to commit and transform their lives, health, work and business to a whole other level of functioning successes. An affiliate to Employment Assistance Programs I work with employees to elevate performance, stress and absences issues.

I am committed to my own ongoing personal self transformation and the facilitation with others to do the same and I invite you to consider this exceptional approach and give yourself the opportunity you too deserve.

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And amazing Effectiveness of the PSYCH-K Process and why it works!






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